[Sales Mansion] BIEI Town, 【売邸宅】美瑛町

[Sales Mansion] A large mansion in Biei Town, about 165 tsubo

Biei is a beautiful tourist destination in Hokkaido, ranked next in popularity right after Furano and Niseko.

The magnificent hills that spread out across the land  resemble the rural landscape of Europe, and many tourists from home and abroad visit for its beautiful views and  erenity.

The wide and beautiful cityscape in front of Biei Station is covered with utility poles according to the Landscape Ordinance.

Biei is a city with a population of 10,000, but it is an international resort area visited by 2 million foreign tourists annually.

For sale address google map ↓ (within walking distance from Biei Station)

1-1749 Nakamachi, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, 1750, 1751


Price ¥ 138,000,000 [¥ 138 million]

* Price negotiations are possible within the year because of the desire to sell early.

★Recommended as a company training facility and recreation facility


Land 545.14㎡ (about 164.9 tsubo) Building 254.32㎡ (about 76.93 tsubo)

[Facilities in the mansion]

・ 1F office available (by entrance)

・ 170 inch full high-definition projector

・ 1F French-import “FOCAL” speaker

・ 2F Ceiling Surround Speaker



・ Approximately 12km (17 minutes) by car to Asahikawa Airport


[Ski resort] * There are 4 locations within 1 hour.

・ 30 minutes to Mt. Asahidake, Daisetsuzan Federation (You can enjoy skiing here for the longest season in Japan)

・ Approximately 30 minutes to Furano Ski Resort

BIEI  Tourism Association


Telephone 0136-55-5477
Dainichi Capital & Hope Co., Ltd. Niseko / Kutchan Branch

Charge) Kitahashi

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売建物住所 google map↓ (美瑛駅から徒歩圏内)



価格 ¥138,000,000 【1億3,800万円】




土地 545.14㎡(約164.9坪) 建物254.32㎡(約76.93坪)









・旭川空港まで、車で約12km (17 分)







電話 0136-55-5477