Jun Igarashi Architects

プロジェクトパートナー/Project partner

五十嵐淳 / 建築家

五十嵐淳の作品は、北海道の風土や気候条件、風景との共生を前提としながらも、建築の普遍的な価値を問いかけている。それは建築単体の存在を超えて建築のはじまりの姿にまで思いを馳せながら、常に「人間の原初的な居場所」という「状態」を模索し続けている。北海道の環境を読み解きながらも豊かで独自の空間を生み出している。その思想や概念は、国内はもとより海外からも注目を集め、2005年には日本人として初めてBARBARA CAPPOCHINビエンナーレ国際建築賞グランプリ(イタリア)を受賞した他、オスロ建築大学にて客員教授として教壇をとり、海外での講演会も多数。著書に「五十嵐淳/状態の構築」(TOTO出版)、「五十嵐淳/状態の表示」(彰国社)。主な展覧会に「状態の構築」(TOTOギャラリー間)。主な受賞に第19回吉岡賞、第21回JIA新人賞、2018年 日本建築学会賞教育賞など他多数。

Jun Igarashi Architects


In addition to the premise of coexistence with the topography of Hokkaido, climate conditions & scenery, Igarashi’s works challenge the universal values of architecture. While going beyond architecture itself, his works continually search to reach the “state” known as the “primordial place of human beings” by leading one’s thoughts to a form beyond the beginning of architecture itself. While reading & understanding the environment of Hokkaido, rich & unique spaces are born.  These ideas & concepts have gained attention not only in Japan, but also internationally.
In 2005, Igarashi was the first Japanese to receive the Biennial Barbara Cappochin International Architecture Prize Grand Prix (in Italy). He has also served as a guest professor at the Oslo School of Architecture & Design & has given many lectures overseas. His books include “Igarashi Jun/The Construction of a State” (TOTO Publishing) & “Igarashi Jun/The Display of a State” (Shokokusha). His major exhibition was “The Construction of a State” (TOTO Gallery Ma). Awards include the 19th Yoshioka Prize, the 21st JIA New Face Award, the 2018 Architectural Institute of Japan Prize Education Prize, & many others.


hat H,2015
Bent house "Oasa", 2015
house D, 2015
house M, 2009
repositry, 2012
house O, 2008
Four Rectangles, 2017
corridor of the fold, 2018